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hempSwiss law allows the growing of hemp. However hemp which is grown in order to produce narcotics is strictly forbidden. Hemp essential oil is not of course, considered as a narcotic as it does not contain any psychotropic substance, or drug. Only an in-depth laboratory analysis is able to detect a very insignificant trace of “tetrahydrocannabinol” THC. Identical to lime scale which is not carried in the steam of boiling water, the THC is not carried in the vapour when distilling hemp.

hempA recent ruling prohibits the sale of hemp grains which have not been officially authorised. In Switzerland a dozen varieties are authorised. These plants have a low THC  content, and also have little essential oil, and are most suitable for the production of fibres or seeds. With the exception of a few varieties, the plants are monoiques??( have both sexes on the same plant) and do not match our quality requirements.

hempBy producing and selecting our own seeds, we are able to obtain plants producing essential oil which matches the high quality criteria required by our clients.
Our farm only produces and commercialises hemp essential oil. It is therefore pointless to contact us to order marijuana, grass, hashish or other illegal substances.

hempIt is also illegal to distil hemp without first having obtained  an  authorisation from the “Regie Fédérale des Alcools”. Our installation is registered with this department and our production matches the requirements of our federal authorities.  Any unlawful activity, no matter how small, could lead the Régie Fédérale des Alcools to prohibit us from distilling hemp and indeed from growing it.

Only a strict application of the law and extreme rigour in putting it into practice allows the cultivation and distilling of hemp in Switzerland.

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